Relieving Neck Wraps

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Relieving neck wraps have many uses. They help relax your client’s shoulders so their hands are easier to move while performing your service. They provide a soothing warmth that relieves tension. My custom design fits all shapes and sizes. Plus unscented flaxseed makes them easy retail.

Bonus use! Remove gel polish faster by laying a warm neck wrap over hands after they have been wrapped for removal. The heat helps to activate the gel-polish-release from the nail bed for a quick removal time.

Keep your neck wraps clean and fresh for each client with our washable 100% cotton easy-on covers.

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1 Neck wrap.
Comes in four colors: Magenta Plum, Peacock Blue, Steel Gray, Emerald Green and Bee pattern.
We also offer a washable cover that protects the neck wrap.


  • Warm Relieving Neck Wrap in microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  • DO NOT overheat, possible burning of skin or neck wrap.
  • Spot clean only!


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