Restorative Foot Treatment Kit

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Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our body.  They take us everywhere we go and rarely get the care they need.  Feet have few oil glands, which lends to being dry, callused and itchy.  The Restoring treatment will relieve aches and pains with our heated booties while the restoring oil soaks deep into parched skin and hydrate even the driest feet.  Beeswax leaves a long-lasting barrier over the skin to help keep moisture in and your feet healthier.

Bee Smooth Hydration, blends all-natural, plant-derived oils, including the powerful protection of beeswax to fight the challenges of dry, cracked skin. We never use fillers (no palm or soy)  only the purest, unrefined ingredients are selected so you get a concentrated formula that delivers results you can see and feel.  Simply unscented and ready for your choice of essential oils that you can customize for your services. Treatments can be incorporated into your service routines or as an add-on to any service.  Also, a great promotional option to entice new clients or reward loyal ones!

Individual add-on treatments should be priced at $10 – $20 and include a message to work in oil for supreme nourishment and experience.

I designed the booties to be user-friendly with an open front for easy foot placement onto the warm footbed. The expandable booties fit all size feet and will velcro securely to keep feet warm and comfortable. Booties can be warmed quickly in the microwave or kept warm in a towel cabby.  Wash booties by removing the flax seed pouch in between the fabric layers.  Wash and dry normally.

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1 set of warming foot booties (washable!)
4oz bottle of Restorative oil
20 biodegradable bags


  • Warm booties in microwave for 1 – 2 minutes. (DO NOT overheat.) Booties/mitts can also be kept in a warm towel cabby all day.
  • If you choose to add essential oils, offer your clients the option to smell and experience them for a custom service.
  • Generously apply a rich, thick layer of oil onto feet or you can prefill bags with oil for quick, easy use.
  • Place feet into our soft-touch bags and work oil around.
  • Shake booties to evenly spread flax seeds out.  Place foot onto footbed, flip toe cover up and secure velcro closure.
  • Relax with the restorative oil on for 10-15 minutes or longer.
  • Remove bags and massage oil into legs and feet.
  • Dry off extra oil.
  • Oil may solidify, keep at room temperature.
  • Treatments should be performed after gel polish has been applied. Regular polish is applied after treatments with normal nail plate prep.

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Full Kit, Booties Only


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